How to ensure the payment of the monthly installments of your mortgage loan

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It is very important know what is paid every month in the mortgage loan installment; to comprehend the importance of compliance with the transaction schedules that are planned in order to cancel the total loan quantity. The value of the fees is made by several factors.

Valuation factors from the payment quota

The particular rates or percentages from the installment: this component of the particular mortgage loan, on the one hand indicates the cost of money over time through the yearly rate. On the other, the particular effective cost that cash has annually; through the related rate, which includes the management costs charged by finance institutions to their clients.

The insurance of deduction and everything risks: the vouchers or even receipts of the quotas; They cannot always reflect the obligations of these insurances that are referred to in the mortgage loan payment plans.

The bank gathers the joint insurance it contracts with insurance companies

They endorse the assortment of the corresponding percentage within the first months of the termination of the loan schedule. At the same time, that all-risk insurance will be contracted directly by the financial institution and is almost always charged through the sixth installment.

Credit interest: this element of the monthly fee; It does not take value that the client will pay to the bank for the expenditures of the approval of the home loan. It constitutes in part the earnings of these financial entities.

Loan repayment: will be the amount that is paid month-to-month to the principal of the financial debt or to the total amount of the mortgage.


To avoid inconvenience with the home loan of a property and to have the ability to cancel the credit stability, as programmed by the financial institution; from the first moment it is crucial to have the ability to pay, in order to comply with the capital payments, along with the interest provided within the monthly installment; This allows you to definitely pay less per home loan.

In conclusion, understanding that each delay in the termination of a fee causes a bias of the mortgage loan payment routine and a higher interest cost; Debtors must be very accountable in their payments.