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Are there, these days, any movement in the world of finance that is worth mentioning? Yes, and luckily optimistic cut. Contrary to what is usually expected, the time of beginning of classes brings us good news for the pocket: Cafa De Indenoi proposes fast loans to face undergraduate and graduate studies with 0.25% interest less than usual in that type of products.

The Grade Loan offers from 3,500 and up to 15,000 euros

To be paid over a period of 2 to 7 years, with a fixed interest rate of 6.25%. The Post graduate Loan has the same charge, which reaches 50,000 euros with terms of between 4 and 7 years. This last product has a second modality that grants from 20,000 euros and operates with a variable rate, which has also recently been reduced to Euribor + 4.25.

Another of the latest news about fast loans that are circulating is the disappearance of two products. On the one hand, Corter Cons has decided to stop offering the “Welcome Deposit”, a fixed term of 3 years and with 2% interest; on the other, Bankie will no longer have the “Trampoline Deposit”, which proposed a plan with 2.25% interest at 13 months or, at 9 months with 2% annual effective rate.

With respect to improvements in bank deposits,

Carf Bank International has managed to increase the profitability of its Deposit to 375 days by 0.25%. On the other hand, Gobank has decided to implement new strategies to increase the use made by university customers of the 4B MasterCard. Thus, he will draw ten double tickets to attend a Champions League match. For each purchase made by the owners, they will obtain a coupon to participate in the contest.

Speaking of raffles, we have to announce that soon (in mid-November and until the end of that month) La Coxa will hold a raffle of 17 iPad of 16 GB capacity with WiFi connection. Participating customers are those who will find the “winning moment” by entering the Mobile Open Line service from their telephone. The entity has decided to give users a chance again after closing the draw for the iPhone 5 of 16 GB. Anyway we will be telling more news about fast loans , cards and everything you need to know to be aware of what is happening with our economy.