The rise of loans between individuals

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Advantages of private loans

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Otherwise, the rise of private loans today would not be explained. These loans have a series of advantages over loans offered by savings banks or banks, or rather “offered”, since it is now very difficult to access them. One of these virtues is that not so much paperwork is necessary to obtain the necessary liquidity; This also speeds up the process and makes the process faster, getting cash in less than 72 hours.

How are loans granted?

How are loans granted?

But how are these loans granted? Our private loan company only asks the customer for a single requirement; a property with sufficient value to guarantee or guarantee the loan you are asking for. This is an essential fact that explains the success and the rise of private loans.

The property under guarantee can be a real estate, art collections, vehicles, etc. almost anything can be used as long as they are not jewels.

The maximum amount of money we grant is set by 20% of the value of the property. And our credits are always granted from € 3,000 initial, therefore it is possible to ask for a reduced amount of money.

Real estate should not have charges or mortgages and may be apartments, houses, premises, etc. excluding lots or plots.

Put a vehicle as loan guarantee

It is also possible to put your vehicle as a guarantee of the loan that we are going to offer you. The car is priced and then we give an amount that will be between 30% or 40% of the value it has; being able also to treat motorcycles, vans, trucks, etc. There are many possibilities.

As you can see, all these advantages explain the rise of private loans. You as a client can obtain the financing you need, you should only contact our professionals through this web form or through the phone 930 13 04 16. We will be happy and willing to assist you.